Sunday, December 20, 2009

HELPUL BOOKS !! That no school or teacher will ever tell you about!

I was just adding the "VOGUE'S BOOK OF SMART DRESSMAKING" (1947)
and it just dawned on me that I needed to add this!

I found this book years ago just by chance, "The Reader's Digest's Complete Guide to Sewing" and picked it up for cheap and it turned out to be the most helpful and most informative reference guide out there!

This is an actual guide to all the ins and outs of what you will need to know if you want to master the arts of making clothing. This huge BOOK, or should I say BIBLE is the life save is what taught me every term, ( I usually forget when I need to say it!) But seriously, It taught me the tailoring skills I needed when I was in a bind... I grew with this book.. and it is an amazing book - NO MATTER WHAT LEVEL YOU ARE AT.

Plus.. In reference to this book,

It is adorable in your sewing area! It looks like a sewing box! It is so Kitchy 70's - HUGE!

I do not have one for sale, I will die with my copy! You can either Etsy search it.. or I found it here...[]=tags&includes[]=title