Tuesday, February 23, 2010

NINA RICCI Vouge Pattern! Don't let the envelope fool you!!! This is Cute.

Depending on your fabric choices, you can make this pattern a modern HIT.  This blouse with some Real High Pumps and Destroyed Jeans would really be the mark, Or even just a nice pair of straight leg black Dress Pants with a nice MODERN TRENDY SHOE!

I was reluctant to accept and believe it, but yes the 1980s looking blazers are back.  I accept it.  They can be cute. They were cute in the 80s. I was just little in the 80s.  The NINA RICCI blazer, with spring coming... Well lets think about the jacket.  And it is A PATTERN WITH THE OLD SCHOOL VOGUE LABEL.  That would just make sewing this up even more fun!

This is look that can really be up graded. 

I think the skirt needs help.  The illustration in blue without the jacket is adorable, but does a real woman look like that?

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