Sunday, March 14, 2010

Sewers Step UP!!!

My Girls are stepping Up!! Finally!! Thank you! I wanted to show off all of the talented people I meet through  There are so many women and men who sew and I am so blessed to have them in my daily life because of my store.
This is Repurposefulpunk! She sews all the threads in this shop.  Many of these dapper looks are from re-purposed threads! Which I am really feeling! Prices are great, and the workmanship is even better! Can't beat that.  Repurposefulpunk is a good shop if you are looking for punky looks to mix with your existing wardrobe... and punk it up a notch! If you are playful, colorful and looking for something to lighten up your day to day blah dulls.... This is definitely the woman to go! She is a ray of sunshine and horray when it comes to reconstructing and sewing !!! You will not find any drab linen and dull looks in this shop.  I think she is up for the challenge of a custom job too ! So, keep her in mind when it comes to constructing that next colorful spring frock!!