Saturday, April 10, 2010

Long live the shirtwaist !!!


The 1,200.00 model -vs- the 12.00 model.  hmm... I like them both!  I want them both.  I am the Shirtwaist NUT, I know.  I love it, I love the shirt Dress, I love it makes you look good no matter what you are doing! Do not wear sneakers, with it! Wear this seasons gladiators, boots, or heels and you will be hot ! Look at my patterns and you will be sure to sew up something as good, if not better!! As long as you have some buttons and a button hole stitch~

The meaning of the word “shirtwaist” has grown up over the years, with changing fashions. At first, this garment was was worn separately from a skirt or pair slacks. Or it was worn very loosely with minimal darts, details, attention to fabric detail and was used for women who worked and was not a particularly fancy garment. Then as it evolved, it grew into a 'dress' because people were 'growing' a bit more comfortable in society and women were allowed to show more skin and show more form. So, it became a little more darted at the waist. Suddenly the shirt that looked like the mans work shirt looked more like a woman's dress with a bodice that was styled with front buttons and notched collar but was cinched in all the right spots to show the dangerous curves of a woman's body.  Fella's Stay Back! 

Shirtwaist dresses were particularly popular in the late 40s and 50s, and they are still closely associated with this era.  But, they are here again and looking better than ever! Innovative women! I have, No, fellas don't stay back! Get em while they are hot!