Friday, May 28, 2010

Don't laugh.



I know, I have a lot on my plate, I am the head of this family and my job is nonstop! Little projects run far and few, so I like the easy ones that make a HUGE IMPACT.

I was once the gal who chose a more difficult task , lifestyle no longer permits it.  I learned the simplest technique can add a lot of punch to a plain old dress! I am typing this in a hurry as usual!

For now, this is it, I am going to hem it.. I have a busy life and I love to sew, it therapy for me. I am also thinking of altering it more on the sides or perhaps bringing in some darts~

I am pleased with the laced bodice effect!  I am more than pleased with this simple yet, DETAILED - It gives almost a corset effect! I modified it a little and I plan to a few more things. I hate to drag this project out, it is a very pretty simple dress! IT WOULD TAKE A NORMAL PERSON AN HOUR OR TWO. 

I am very hectic today - I had to actually clean my little yard. I found that extremely beneficial to my having my my hands in the Earth, and somehow.. "I kept thinking, this is going to all grow back, what a waist....I would rather be sewing.."

I asked my husband to do this photo for me real quick... NOTICE HOW HE GOT THE BUST ON THE FORM.. HMM! 

Embarrassing. WHAT A GUY PHOTO!  I am actually saying, "OH WHAT A GUY..UHH..!?!?!"

I wore this in my house. I fell in love with it after letting it hang, and I already had the edge serged so it was not a raw edge.  I was going to hem it and it looked like the prettiest blue against my hair and eyes - I was a little girl who wore her shoes home from the store.

The way the bust line gathers it looks so good with the pattern in the fabric.  WOO!

However the waistline tie is A CUTE THING YOU CAN DO WITH barely any time or work. 

It is so flattering on any woman, actually I am a very honest person... I am thinking that a woman who is small and large. I do not think the tie effect is appropriate  if you have a lot of bulge in the back area, is there a word for a roll? But, along the ribs around to the back.  You would want to avoid this look as I would think it would not be a flattering style.  Otherwise, I am not in the BEST shape and I think made my waistline look very cinched and thin.  I just do not like the fullness in the back, looks a little pillowcasey, and I think I would look better if I lost some fabric.

When taking it in, I am going to have to be mindful of the fact that it is an elastic casing and if I am going to slipping in and out of it around the beach.... I think it is a cute effortless casual dress that I can jump in and out of and still look like a HOT MAMA! LOL!


Tell A VETERAN that you respect their courage to fight for the Americans, no matter what  our political views, they are out service men, and it takes a lot of sacrifice to do what they do.. and they are extremely UNDERPAID AND deserve so much respect.