Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Balance in life? Is it obtainable.

As you all know, I am probably a lot like the people who read my blog.  I have a family, which is a job in itself.  I am also an accountant, cleaning lady, chef extraordinaire, confidant, bank, delivery service and so much more. Then I moonlight as a person who is passionate about my patterns, and I love to sew! It is a good life! I love it, even the chaos at times!

My shared passion for sewing, combined with my knowledge of vintage patterns and dressmaking has made this a career, job, developed into an LLC. I cannot go through a day without reflecting on the what an amazing

" is my opportunity  to have a web presence that reflects my personality, while also having the freedom to have all of the patterns available online with less restrictions as a family run business."

I have been blessed with a wonderful base of clients! I am sometimes overwhelmed and I cannot dedicate the time I would love to my blog.  I think if I did - It would give me the time I need to reflect.  I need that. I am not going to just sit here and show you the products that I sell to build my links - there is so much more to me and more than that why I love the patterns I sell! This is my life, my passion, and live and breath it.

This week consisted in overhauling, changing and taking on my new venture.  Which is tricky.  I want my own store. I want my name that I worked so hard to have to go to another level. But, I have to do this without a conflict of interest on Etsy.  I was very unsure about how I would be able to make the move without the stress of burning bridge that gave me the esteem and motivation to believe in VINTAGECOREPATTERNS. I can tell the customers about my store, as long I am offering the same patterns - I am going to have to choose what I sell there and what the theme will be.

I want to offer a little more of a personal experience in my store. I have done this by offering a toll free customer service hot line, which is a little more visible and available.  BETTER THAN THAT! I have enabled an online chat that you can just click for live help.  NEAT HUH! I am really into making my own store where I can make my own rules as my own woman and really be my brand.

So, what is the brand?
It is going to be a little more upscale! I want to really take this to another level! I want to offer a great variety and at the same time, I want to be a special store. I am also hoping that the ease of listing a little faster will allot the time I need to make for the much much needed balance I thrive to obtain in my life.

I love ETSY! The opportunity it gave me is unbelievable when I think back.  As a mother, woman, and above all a creative person, (perhaps, an artist) this venture has given me independence and gave me the meaning and purpose I needed.  Something I did not feel I had for a while.  I feel that it is time to make my move since  I have grown into a legitimate business. I am an now the owner of an LLC. I have my own merchant account and I want to be able to use these tools as an online retailer.  I invested a great deal of what I had to make this a business, because I want to be happy and be involved in something I am passionate about.

I just have to make the move without making people mad! LOL! I love ETSY! I am not going to jeopardize my store and relationship with them or any of the wonderful member's I am NOW SO BLESSED TO BE friendly with. This can be a make or break decision, however, I love and believe the work I am doing so, I am taking the leap and I pray my customers and friends will come with me on this amazing journey and give me all of the blessings I need.

Getting here has been a long, tough and at the same time amazing journey! I thank God every second it has taken place in my life.  I have been through so much to get here, and lost so much, I never thought at any point that I would be here and gained so much back.  Somehow, I persevered. I am lucky! I am alive and I have this amazing passion and talent! I am finally here in a space to put it to use.. I will not be stopped.

I had many obstacles that many women in my position have to overcome when taking on a small venture.  Especially something that involves a creative passion.  It was looked at like a hobby.  I know you girls, and GUYS who are creative and feel that you have a unique creative passion you want to sell and share.. Having support and blessings from those around you counts! I somehow did it and found my own circle of people who gave me the love and support I needed. The uncreative people or people who are not tapped into that part of themselves just see things in a rigid fashion. That cannot be taken personal, many people are afraid to take their talents to that level.  Many people are discouraged from pursuing their creative talents..It is a lot of that old school hard work, reliable industry.. Fashion is reliable, the last I checked, the nudists are certainly out numbered by the 'clothed'. It was hard, I was laughed at, I was not supported, I wanted to give up many times.
I never would have ever believed in myself if I was not a part of Etsy,  it put me in contact with the people I had the common love and bond for sewing, creating, and vintage love.  Without you guys, I would never had believed in myself.

To be here I had to spend many nights where I sacrificed my sleep to list my items!  I literally pulled double shifts to work around my life and pursue this dream! I worked my butt off, even with that, I still found it a little hard to convince the people I love. At the time it hurt.

Now, I am the big talk! LOL! They are starting to get it. I appreciate that, I am glad they are on board.   But, back in September, October, November... I am learning that it sometimes

So, the journey to become VintageCorePatterns, Is also a spiritual journey for me! I had to really overcome the need to be accepted by my loved ones, and just believe in my idea, and I had to go after my dream to  become my vision. My vision is a journey of growth.  I have had many losses and life changes that took place that made me to decide to make the time to heal through my arts, sewing, and talent to create. It was the out come that really in turn proved that I was right, I am finally doing the thing I love. My Esty Shop Experience has given me the ability to grow and be motivated. 

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