Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Blog about making things, right??

Since this is a blog about making things lets keep it in that spirit! I do make things, and never ever take photos of the thing I make. Mmm... Lets assess (nice word!) problem... (while I put my beautiful long brown Hair That Is Breck Shampoo Ad Worthy Into a Bun)

I am by far not lazy! I think I am just taking these small things for granted! I am also a bit critical. I am going to try my best to show off the smallest detail. I noticed that by my stores banner since I changed about 50 times that I am about crazy with the smallest detail, the ones that probably are not that important to the normal person! So, I am letting go ! Or the the stupid banners and I am getting into the bigger picture or I am struggling to get there and I am going to get there! It is mine to have !

I made this little card today along with a hundred banners with my store, along with a million loads of laundry by about 9 AM! And I it is 5 now.  I thought it was cute to add the touch of the added touch of grosgrain ribbon I had leftover from long ago, I ruffled it, I could have left out the button stitch at the end . BUT WHAT IS DONE IS DONE.