Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I feel like an old lady.

I really feel like an old lady! I am like so over it. First of all, is it the programs I am choosing to work with?  I really looked into word press. I even spent money on it. Do you want to know what my problem is? Not wanting to either spend more. Or really I want to be TOO DIFFERENT. I need to really focus on the content. I get lost inside. I forget to go outside I get seriously upset over it, I do not like staying inside for very long. I did that this winter, and I did not like it.

What am I rambling about? I am making this store.  I am really getting caught up in the background. The look. I am really focusing on the look.  I am not sure if that is where I should be focusing my energy right now.

Let me fill you in on a little history. I was really outdated in the laptop dept. for a long time! My Insperion Screen Cracked Last Year and it was ALL DOWN HILL FROM THERE! I have a pretty Serious older model upgraded AMD Desk model that has all of my 8.0 and Flash, Dreamweaver, and couple other toys I have on it. So, it is loaded up, and a lot of work to keep granny moving. NOT a good computer to communicate and work on. It has painstakingly done, and do not look forward to ever doing it again. 

So, what is this about?  I want to spend my time managing what I am doing just a little bit better, being a bit more effective - I also want to make my blog little more like my stores.  I am rambling tired. LOL However, I think it more about what goes into the blogs rather than how it is decorated. Perhaps I should be saying, it is a process of getting the content in here then designing the blog around that.