Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Throw Back

THIS IS NEW JERSEY, Newark to be exact – LOVE THE ANHEISER BUCSH Plant and all of the smoke stacks, Yummy!(That's Good Old Industrial New Jersey, Ick!)  – get me to CALI!!!!DSCN1093 
I have been meaning to do this for so long.  However, typical of all things in my life I have a hoop or some sort of obstacle I need to jump through in order to accomplish what I want.  What am I blabbering about?  Sharing my trip to San Francisco.  Traveling to California from New Jersey about a week and a half after Christmas can be exciting,  especially in the midst of some of our hardest snow storms in recent years. Going from having your car plowed into its space and having to pay some man on a bike with a shovel to dig you out….to one of the cleanest metropolis’ in the U.S. filled with foliage, succulents, extremely laid back friendly people is a quite an experience.  It was a rare sight being a Jersey / New York Native to see a combination of Ice Skating and Palm Trees in one place,  it is something I will never forget.  DSCN1379
DSCN1119 DSCN1123
( a place in San Fran, Named “the Bronx Zoo!”, Could this be an Urban Oasis my home away from home, perhaps, I never checked it out, just explored from afar!)

San Francisco was clean city in comparison to New York. California was fresh and clean and beautiful. Far advanced in the environmental department.  It was apparent it was just beautiful and untainted.  Although, I cannot say that the entire East Coast is Dirty,  I just enjoyed the contrast that this East Cost City has to offer.    It was a nice contrast to wake up overlooking this great city that had so much New York Flavor, yet when rush hour approached it was calm un-congested and the traffic flowed so easily.  No yelling, beeping horns. It was a great city with that in mind! I could not complain about a thing.  Yes, there are homeless people there, I keep hearing that when I share my vacation with other people who also went to Cali.  Without sounding cold, I did not see anymore homelessness than I would see walking through the Port Authority on 42nd Street.  42nd Street today is an area that would make you feel like you traveled in a time machine- Not the old 42nd Street that  you used to know.  There are no more peepshows, (damn, LOL!) and the people outside of the establishments to get you in there.  Now it is like a New York Disney Land, filled with High Priced Shows and A lot of Broadway Style. MUCH NEEDED!
Without sounding cold, the homelessness situation is just like New York.  I just did not see the homeless getting as creative as your homeless New Yorker, who has no shame in hustling and jumping out in front of traffic exiting a huge bridge  to wash your windshield with a dirty squeegee.  The people I gave my money to, where people down on their luck just out right asking for it.  A man who was on parole, walking around with a notebook, newspaper, wearing a used 1980s style suit looking for a second chance in his life. It is a very sad state of affairs to have Homeless People in the shadows of some of the largest retail stores… and do not feel like they can get a job and start a life for themselves.
It reminded me that I was lucky at that moment.  Although IN MY OWN LIFE, I earned this trip.   My family and I worked super hard to make a life for ourselves.  I consider myself a perfect example of things can turn around if you try.  I am just lucky enough to have a few key people who care about me and keep me moving forward.  But, I needed this trip and I needed to find the beauty in this place beyond the homeless situation.  Hopefully, one day this will not be a reality in this country and we can all live decent happy lives.
DSCN1129 DSCN1128
The graffiti was breathtaking.  In this city filled with color, character and plenty of art, there is never a dull moment!
It is wall to wall beauty! Not to mention, you have not had seafood until you have had in – season freshly caught shellfish! Lobster, clams, shrimp – it tastes sweet and buttery without even using butter! TAKE THAT MAINE! It did not taste like the ocean! It was an amazing taste that my pallet with always remember!
DSCN1468 DSCN1127 DSCN1387

This place has everything!! Countryside at your disposal, then the city and high life, artsy fartsy which I am all about! But, You have to see it all to really get the whole San Francisco
Experience.  Most of my trip was spent happily exploring the streets, neighborhoods, and feeling! It is not an easy city to get lost in, it is laid out nicely so with a map, you can really find your way around. 
This is a display from Tiffany’s which was all hand cut cardstock, it was breathtaking! Forget the Jewels, Look at that paper!