Thursday, June 17, 2010

What is with the butterfly?

Sorry about the whole butterfly thing! That was really neat.  I live in a brick Row Home, that is actually that is connected to these buildings and facing a lake, but I am right near the beach.  It is a quite beautiful spot! As a matter of fact, clean, beautiful, inspiring. I looked at the butterfly on accident, walking out to the back porch, somehow.. it managed to be in the area of the screen door and main door (the threshold).  It was like a little sign, I know it sounds odd, but I have had then show up at the oddest times.  It was at a moment when I was just not feeling like
I was not accomplishing all of the things I had planned as far as goals.  I found myself feeling like I take on too much and I am not accomplishing the things I want, then..

hen the next morning I wound up really feeling like mother nature..Look who came to visit! And they brought company, Literally - Cousins Nieces and Nephews. This is a Sunday morning at my house. I literally gave them every carb I had in my pantry! I love them THE UGLY DUCKINGS! I know they are Canadian Geese, some how my childhood name DUCKS is just embedded into my soul. 

I leave you with this, till tomorrow.