Saturday, July 17, 2010

This is My Asbury Park.

Yes, and I love it!~

It is impossible to not be creative and inspired in my city!  I live in Asbury Park, New Jersey!

One the Nicest Resort Cities In New Jersey! Besides Hoboken, Parts of Princeton, Jersey City,  Englewood, and Red Bank.wait.. those are not resort towns. they are in N.J.

Atlantic City is interesting and has a beach like us!

(Oh, Asbury I love it!)

Oh, Look at this Asbury Lanes!
I went to this establishment. A couple of years back. I know sad! I moved here then, I got fix of bowling, and lanes. It is not me. The establishment is great thought. I do not drink. I can say this I had so much fun that I went 2 TIMES! Odd! Because I Stink!  Now look at the venue,
how can you not fall into the natural role of the modern day cheesecake!? It is only natural for the feisty Jersey girl to come growling out of you! Imagine this, A feisty Jersey Girl  wearing  Carpris and BOWLING SHOES who is sober sliding behind black ball on the shiny wooden floor, I am sure you get the feeling. I had a great time! I do not give up to easily at things I stink at as you can see! 

Note: that the Art is Graffiit style!Yes, the city regulates art..JOKE..I am sure the surrounding towns do. I am very drawn to this style and practiced this style in my earlier years as a young artist.. in the early 90's - late 80s.I was really to the style like artist like, Keith Haring's Work. I actually saw his work while in San Francisco.  

<<I was reflecting on the phone recently to someone on the phone, (someone I really care about! ;}_)  I mentioned the unique character in this city is much like one found on my vacation out east... It really has the same mood here , cool watery, clean ... not jersey stereotypical.>>

This is the old Baronet Theater, I think they are waiting for Zoning Perhaps, this is a City in the works.. It was once totally burnt down to the ground. I remember being a tot... Coming here for the fun and attractions. Then being in the back seat one year and overhearing my parents driving out of the town confused, like what happened?? It was a ghost town. I am not the only person with a story like that either. It was a well kept secret. People showed up and were completely confused to discover that this once busting boardwalk town had succumb to such an atrocity.. So, the locals are so happy to see it on the rise and actual even better!  It is even something far unique from the other local venues~ THERE IS NOTHING TACKY ABOUT THIS NEW JERSEY!! NO BADA BING HERE! YAY!! JUST BADA BING PREVIEWS AT OUR - Okay! You have idea what the heck I am talking about! There is this Baronet Theater, It is closed! It should be open! I have no idea what it is ! It looks like an old theater. there is an old Corplast Board of people with Old 3-D glasses in the door if you look in you can see old movie chairs. I almost want to go in and set the place up and play and old flick and run a huge extension cord the ten blocks to my house ! ! 


The sad thing is I have a really horrible habit - when it comes to art - - - or I will either not give myself credit, giving things away.. or I lived in a small home for a while and I would get overwhelmed and I toss things. I have a brilliant husband who tries to stop me. I am woman I do not listen! ARRGG Because, I thrown his things out. He had a lot of brilliant blue prints from school, and I at least respected those and saved them. Photograph, SAVE! So, I am really getting the thing about history as I am getting older. And Vintage, SAVE.. But, My art, Handmade, Err... Toss!?? That is so lame! I do not get that...

I thank God for the people I have gifted my handmade items to, I have later come to their homes and looked at them and realized, WOW, I am brilliant! Then I realized, that they are really great people who value my friendship and talents. I know if someone gave me a hunk of junk, I would hide the darn thing.. LOL! These things were not in the closet, it was obvious they had some dust on them and they were sitting there being admired through the years. That really warmed my heart!
Sentiment is very dear.. It is history. Oh, it is so ever so special. 

So, this Cheesecake. It is me! It has been me. And people are like running around doing what I like to do,and I used to  be picked on for my taste and style - so what. I kind of like being a little freaky and now people are being freaky with me. - it is cute! 
Keep trying. It is in my blood!
I listen to the local college station for a couple reasons, the people are really interesting. And it makes me feel interesting! SOL again! I cannot believe I just admitted that! But of course, as we all know, the VINTAGECOREPATTERNS has no friends! Just a pretty City and a family that she cooks for a serger that is plotting to cut off her good pinky and city that she loves and refuses to love her back!! (joking!) I know Asbury loves me. The geese LOVE MY BREAD!! okay now I sound silly 

I cannot wait! I am going to make the hottest dress for that one! I am going to sew some sort of 50s dress and look like a 1950s dead house wife so I am going to look CUTE CUTE CUTE!!! 

So, I mentioned Cheesecake, YEP! I am, to the fullest, I do not mess around, from my hair down down to my to toenails I am 

This is not the lipstick color but you get my drift! It is the kind. Wait..I think it is the color now! It is fabulous!It keeps your lips looking and feeling so healthy and kissable! I love it! I wear their skin cream and I wear the under eye cream, like I mentioned I am hitting my mid 30s and I have things I need to think about as far as living so close to the ocean = running out, being a scatter brain never remembering where my 300 pairs of sun glasses are. I also wear the base, tinted stuff, Gosh I will need to edit that tomorrow! LOL...
I wear the MAC Waterproof Mascara. I know these are not cheap make up's. I used to wear really really cheap make up. I am going to say this. I am cheap about everything.  I look on ebay. I find coupons. I am a real wheeler and dealer. But, I have to have this stuff.  I saw a dermatologist. I had really terrible skin. I had to pay soo much money - completely change my diet. I lost so much weight. This was the price I had to pay to make a positive chance IN MY LIFE. I am telling you, people treat me DIFFERENT. I carry myself, DIFFERENT.  I recommend this set to put your face on - it make a huge difference, and I wash them in baby shampoo, 

and for the complete cat eye effect, you have to keep going! You got the darn brush set right! You are in the mirror, so keep going right! I use this... 
Okay now we are all dolled up, lets go prepare dinner! Oh no! there is nothing to eat!!! Darn it! We went to town yesterday, and that farm stand that has been there all year every year is not open, what to do!! Are we missing it?? Lets go to the post office, and check again....

The film is a little controversial - but so is life, the photography is outrageous! and shows Asbury for what it looked like when I moved here! And really describes how we BOTH GREW TOGETHER!! ISN'T THAT SPECIAL???