Monday, July 19, 2010

Very Hostile looking 70's Chicks!

I find myself finding these wacky things in an illustration when the pattern is sold.  My theory, the illustrators got bored with the monotonous work. I think I have the blogging thing backwards.. I think I am supposed to post an odd find BEFORE IT SELLS. This one sold! 

I am not making fun of the pattern. As a matter of fact, the coat is as cute as they get! I am just suprised by the girls expression. Maybe I should say the whole crew! Including the body language. 

So, just come take a walk with me.. and just imagine this crew waiting at your local subway station... hmmm.. in 1968. "hey, what crawled up the tall blond's red bell bottoms?" She looks pretty out there. I would not want to run into her in a dark train going through a tunnel! 

Lets not forget those other ones, I am not sure if the fact that they all have coats on is the reason why this girl is expressing such anger. Who knows what is going on here.Is she even in that crew?  I can certainly feel the tension on the envelope. And again here on this screen.  Five stars again, SIMPLICITY! For a job well done for conveying the passion women can have for fashion! If those were my friends now, or in the 60's I would be mad they did not tell me they were getting the coat and left me out!!!!