Thursday, August 5, 2010

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As someone who sells reused patterns and deals with everything vintage, well almost.. everything. I found this book." Do It Gorgeously: How to Make Less Toxic, Less Expensive, and More Beautiful Products" It is a really good read.  Like I should be reading when all I want to do is get the tension situation straight on my one overlock machine at the moment, (PRIMAL SCREAM!) but it is how I wind down and it works.  This is a subject that truly interests me and it really makes me happy because it was not too long ago I was telling you guys how I love my Bobbi Brown.  Which I am hoping are green products! I reuse my glass jars, I try to reuse anything possible and rescue anything possible from the dump without risking my own home looking like a dump itself.  

There is a fine line! It is called sanity, and finding the best balance and clean life when it comes to living green is where it is at.  Am I the only one who saw Spiderman here? LOL Just kidding, but, we have to look out for each other these days. "With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility?" With catastrophes plaguing the Earth almost by the minute,  it is a human duty to spread the word to each other and keep each other in the know. 

This is a read that is right up our alley ladies! Sewing, artsy, craftiness, thriftiness.. It is in our blood not to mention, I am sure we all do it with elegance, style, and spunk!

To be clear, Do It Gorgeously isn’t a green shopping guide. It’s a green DIY guide, which means the beauty section’s filled with recipes and mixing instructions for cleansing creams, eye gel, makeup remover, deodorant, and more. To mix up and concoct your own beauty products, you have to know the functions and benefits of every ingredient — which Sophie lays out without false promises in easy to get detail.
Read it, and you’ll find out once and for all what “anti-aging” ingredients actually might help defy age and if retinol is worth paying for. That knowledge will help you whether you decide to go shopping at a drugstore or to try your hand at concocting your own. Hey, who knows, you may even want to Etsy that concoction for Christmas!
That’s just the first chapter! Do It Gorgeously goes on to attack everything from your closet taking us back to the basics, you know the stuff Grandma taught us! This How to book focuses a little on every area of your home, life and living routine right to your your apartment balcony garden, showing you easy DIY options to save money while having fun and being Earth Conscience. These are some simple things that include real elementary simple directions for sewing a blind hem ( we know that!), creating a DIY boot rack to make shoes last, and making simple yoga pants out of extra-large T-shirts.