Saturday, August 7, 2010


Already exciting here in New Jersey! I was making lunch, back from the post office, contemplating my afternoon... IT IS SUPER SUNNY and NOT TOO HUMID.   So, in the midst of making my Roasted Pepper and Cherry Tomato on Crusted Multi Grain Bread - ( all locally grown and Baked) I heard this outrageous noise.  The sound was coming from the beach.  Loud and Intense.  I peeked through my sheers in my living-room to see this:
It was an amazing sight! Right there! I decided to be a little nosey and go and investigate the exciting loud noise and unusual sight.  On my way there, armed with my camera; i began to get a little hesitant.  I noticed that the surfers were weaving the shoreline, and I was not going to take a tragedy to be a photo opportunity.  As a matter of fact, the thought of one of my loved ones lost in the shore, and being swallowed on a sunny day to a wild ferocious ocean sickened me.  I almost turned around, thinking I will hear about the terrible news on TV, more likely in my local paper. Then I realized the Helicopter was just bobbing a little like it was a drill, and it stroked my curiosity and I decided to forget my gut and go gawk.  I was glad I did.  It was a wonderful sight.  It was still noon, so the beach was not popping like the usual last weeks of August.  The water which is amazing, grand, and being a person who lives this close to the beach, you realize that you are very small on the grand scheme of things.  As a matter of fact the helicopter and the men in who do this huge service to us people who want to test nature and dip in the ocean are small like a pebble on the beach, however the work and courageous job they do is beyond any definition of Large compared to the universe.  But, we are meaningful to each other as humans, and no matter how small we seem compared to the size of the world we are important to someone someplace. 

See how a simple thing like watching a helicopter rescue drill on my local beach can make become all profound.  Life is so precious.  Standing there like every single day, I look at the place I live, I may be in a small home surrounded by wealth and homes that are so huge, and seasonally occupied. I feel so lucky to be here. In this city with a rich historical foundation.  To be a year round resident here brings me a sense of pride that is far beyond my imagination as I watch my city and surroundings grow almost on a daily basis.  I like change, perhaps I should say I am person who loves change, I love to see it experience it and feel it.  That is why this is the place for me!

The afternoon is going to consist of a little bit of enjoying my yard.  Soaking up some rays and then I will finish up my dress. Since I am feeling so accomplished, I shall enjoy myself, along with my family.  Happy Saturday. 

FYI, Going back many many posts, I have recently graded something and taped the process and took some photos, this way I will have my own tutorial on my site - for my site. 

Love and Vintage Hugs