Tuesday, August 10, 2010

An eventful lovely weekend!

I am blessed with being a mother hen! It also comes with many sacrifices as anyone would know.  It is a challenge of balancing, life, home, and the in between.

I think it is essential to give that time to yourself, and every member of the family.  We should partake in a balance of happy recreation sometimes, togetherness, and alone time to reflect.  That is my time to assess myself, my days, get more inspiration, and keep my creative juices flowing.  It almost seems like when you have a family and having a business based with a home studio, it is somewhat impossible to balance a routine.  It is the moment I establish a schedule, it seems to somewhat change - on its own.  I have to see the humor in these changes and go with the flow.  As wives & mothers it is simple to take on the natural role as head honcho or the Tribe Leader.  Despite the times changed in society, everyone will run to the woman, right down to being the "missing sock lo-jack".

However, It took me really long to realize that the role is a gratifying role.  Seemingly a natural one for a strong feisty character like myself. It could be my Irish Roots.  I have no idea, but I am going to really reassess myself and the role, I may be underestimating myself when taking the  1930's Quiz For Husbands and Wives .When I have some more time, I am going to re-exam, and give myself a little more credit and not take the questions so literally.

Why am I saying this?  There was a time when a McCall's Easy Dress Pattern would take no time to construct.  With house, work, family, I put my talents in the backseat. Sometimes I think I should describe them in the trunk, not backseat, and it is a hot sunny day and they are melting back there. I am not going to let that happen.  I am sewing and making my sewing and artistic side a bit more of a priority.  It is my peaceful time, and to be honest, I need that to be balanced and happy. So, what am I getting at? Sewing and being creative is my time. It really helps me put things in perspective.  I have been working on a couple of things, as you know from my previous posts.  Quite enjoyable, but at first I felt like a stranger in my own domain.

The lack of sewing slowed my skills down greatly.  I am not proud of this but, it is not like riding a bike.  You are not steady and still and question your abilities when you take too long of a break.  Whereas, at one time I was "one" with my machines and my area in the physical sense had changed since I moved and actuallly have a REAL SPACE to be thankful for and to call my own! I love it and I must be more creative and MAKE THIS TIME FOR ME.  I missed making my own clothing and creations.

I got the dress sleeves and began the hem before dinner. I also completed what needed to top stitched.  I left my hand sewing for last, as loath to hand sew at times.  All is well and I also need to make a belt for it.  Which I am contemplating if choosing something a little thicker than the belt that is there is okay with the dress.

How do I dress? I like vintage inspired or vintage clothing that looks stylish.  I do not want to appear as if I am wearing a costume from the era.  I looked at this and thought a thicker obi type - possible cummerbund and add a little character to dress.  Hopefully alleviating what  I am considering a little nurse type look it has going on.  I have more of a style that takes a Mod Cloth, Victoria's Secret, and a lot of Diane von Furstenberg, Versace, Gucci, and you put it into a blender with vintage twist and there I am!  WOAH, You can say it, HolY BLEEP...Let's be ladies!

I say Victoria's because I like the styles that are closer to my shape.  I am an inspiration sponge when it comes to Versache, Mod Cloth, Gucci, and Diane.. I am an inspiration sponge with anything. But, I look to these designers for inspiration.

The dress is almost Finished... AS THIS POST WAS WRITTEN OVER 2 DAYS...

I have to work on the belt and then we will give it whirl! See what it looks like on.  As a matter of fact, I am thinking I have to see it on to get the inspiration for the belt type as that is where I am going to add my signature and character.

I somehow went on walks, cleaned just about everything in my house, and got this dress slowly fitted into my crazy busy schedule! And a blog! and orders! Toodles!  This was the dress on Sunday Night