Monday, September 6, 2010

Details are impotant...

John Updike: “Perfectionism is the enemy of creation.”

I read that and it was the message I was looking to hear! I spend the larger half of this summer, Looking at fonts, Playing with Graphics on Photoshop to Build VintageCore, The Store... if you read my blog in late June, there was a huge struggle with my need for the right look verses just adding the content. I have millions of patterns, filed, waiting to be seen. Millions is a bit dramatic, it certainly seems as so since there is just boxes and boxes of them in number order and waiting to be looked at, photographed, perhaps pressed and then bagged to be listed. So, I am taking that one QUOTE to the bank from this day on. I do this with my dresses, my sewing projects, where they come to a halt and I am so wrapped in a small detail i loose focus of the BIG Picture, there is a garment waiting to be born and I need to by pass some details until the end, or let go and sometimes just allow these projects to naturally flow.

As a seamstress and artist, I am almost 101% sure that I am not the one and only person who has this struggle. I thought that the quote amongst the wonderful ones I find along the way in life, should be a useful reminder for like-minded seamstresses who tend to see the small details to the point where is can be to our own demise!

Just let the Sewing Machine Flow, and your ideas flow, have an open mind with your own work, and do not be so critical. There are people who would die for a drop of your talent!

Have a happy happy, Cheesecakes!