Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Kitchen Door - Craftsman Meets Mid-Century -

 I can sit here saying a lot about this small piece of fabric I bought on auction.  I was really just impulsive and I won it, there is an identicle piece like it that was pieced to it that is just browns and oranges.  I can work it in because the tiles in the kitchen are that scheme, and there are pops of red.  And I use red as my pop color all through my home, I like the energy it brings.  I moved here and this is a fabulous home in New Jersey.  I love it, I love it more now since the summer is now over and all of the people from NYC are now home.  I am in Asbury, All art.  I am very happy getting out more now.  It is less chaotic. A little  more ours! It is cheaper!
Cheaper is nice!

Anyway, about my fabric, it worked out great, it turned out to be  just the cutest, and right down to the FISK's! Perfect Tab Curtains.  I am also.. Working on this fabulous.. Quilt and blouse, jacket, and did I mention coffee table all at the same time.  LONG STORY! ALL CONTROLLED!

I lined these.