Thursday, September 16, 2010

McCall 7904; ©1949; Ladies' and Misses' Pinafore or Dress BUST 30

McCall 7904; ©1949; Ladies' and Misses' Pinafore or Dress BUST 30

A wonderful dress if you are not in the colder regions of the United States, and looking to sew something exquisite to wear in 70 + degree weather.  Here in the Jersey Shore, I am so happy to say that all of the Vacationers are gone! And I have my beach and wonderful city to myself and the other people like me who like to call this place our own during the off season.

I am tickled to be the temporary owner of this wonderful pattern! The High Ruffles on the shoulder straps really say it all! "Va Va Voom.  Look Out Sailor, I will have the Next Dance, and with these ruffles I will do the Cha Cha All By MYSELF!!"

This is a design that has a little more than meets the eyes.  Shortened and with monotone colors you can really revive this pattern into a modern day smash.  However you take your coffee... I am sure that the flavor that this vintage pattern has will have winning results.  It is all a personal choice, but I cannot see this dress wrong or going wrong.  It is meant to be constructed into a real beauty and a show stopper.

It can really be toned down, or be true to the Cheesecake Persona who lives Strong within and stay true to the Era that the pattern was created and your version of the dress will look better than the illustrations and you will own the perfect handmade Rockabilly Dress.

The bodice is fitted ever so perfectly making the ruffles a perfect accessory to your face, neck and your decolletage that peeks through the subtle yet sexy square neckline! If the ruffles scare you and you are a pattern collector that just has to have the real sweet patterns that no one else has then this is the pattern for you.  BUT THERE IS STILL HOPE! 

Did you notice the dame in the dress (c) black and white check,  this may be the dress for you, if the ruffles scare you! And lets not forget, we can always shorten these ruffles. I have have had some vintage ruffle nightmares. I have to say that the best advice is to play with them and look at them because some vintage ruffle patterns tend to be a little big, over the top, perhaps I should say Big Top! So, be CAREFUL, when it comes to ruffles, always gauge them by your eye and make sure they are not too big for your face and neckline. 

Dress C still dons the sexiness without all of the fru-fruiness (as if it was a word!!).  The square neckline compliments the puffed sleeve perfectly making it a vintage dream! Shorten that hem.. as I assume we all find we need to do with vintage patterns, and you will have yourself a wonderful creation that was resurrected from a 1940's McCall World War II Era vintage sewing pattern!

A dress so unique and stunning, the story behind the dress will be just as amazing as the dress itself.