Friday, September 3, 2010

What I have been doing…

I do not mean to be a "Debbie Downer" however, I am going to be... A few weeks back I mentioned a rescue mission, well it turned out to be a practice one. I seemed to be a little comfortable but, reminded that I am small compared to the ocean. I do not want to use the word comfortable as I would never want to find myself or a loved on in a rescue situation. DSCN7984  I need to be constantly reminded that it is not mine and it can SWALLOW ME UP like a small golf ball, perhaps something even smaller. Since the day I filmed the drill, which was completely amazed me, and still does. I never want to be reminded with a real person as a role model.  It is sad. The has ocean has since been churning quite hard as it has become hurricane season, and there is one headed our way RIGHT NOW! I am sad to report however, that within that short length of time right in my two mile area, that has been two tragedies. It has only been 4 whole weeks. It was a real eye opener, and very depressing. First of all, I was a little upset that there were so many beach-goers while the bodies where still lost at sea.  I cannot personally sit on the beach because God knows if the family is out there -I would think they would wait and possibly hold a vigil. At least the first few days.
So, with no beach, what do I do? recover furniture and get sick! Yay!  It was my turn! I got run down and sick!! What else is a girl to do? I got a little more fatigued than the usual fatigue that a nap would fix up. Then like a rock hit me I got a massive toothache.Before I knew it I was at the oral surgeon having a wisdom tooth removed. PRIMAL SCREAM, OUCH! I was run down, taking care of others, little ones bringing home viruses from visiting Joe at the hospital, Joe coming home from the hospital, then finally me.... FUN! That was a nice fun, good dramatic finale to the summer. Talk about going out with a BANG! More like a YANK. However when that oral surgeon was done, felt like a bang! Who could tell, with the big gaping hole that I now have in my I have been keeping busy in my own little ways, DSCN8329 This is a crazy quilt I am working on.  I am using Chenille and I am using a thick brushed cotton,  It is very cool.  I love it.  It is the oddest mix.  DSCN8335 I darkened the base today! I did not like the brown.  This is a really old piano stool.  And a very very awesome fabric I was given as a house warming gift from my friend Maryanne. DSCN8340 DSCN8339 DSCN8338 Jersey Cafe Shore Cafe. Vintage 3 Leg Table, Repurposed with Light Robins Egg Blue and Light Bamboo Paint Faux Wood Treatment.  DSCN8343  DSCN8337
The Two Adorable Iron Chairs I stole at a Garage Sale for 30 bucks! I was running.  I had to replace the wood on one. 

I was uncovering this old piano stool, and I really thought that I could do it indoors. Ha ha ha! No way! It was stuffed with hay!!! It must have been about 100.00 years old. 
DSCN8334 DSCN8333 DSCN8332 DSCN8331DSCN8336DSCN8335
I darkened the base this morning.  I think it looks fabulous.  I will take photos, I have fabric on its way… I making curtains soon.. So, they will be in a shot or two…

Okay, enough said.