Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Cannot leave you with that thought! Buzz Planet!

I will probably contemplate erasing that last post in about a week.. But, it is me this week!

 Soap so pretty and affordable that it is perfect to use, collect, and gift!

I have to talk about something I blogged about recently. BuzzPlanet!

I have to rave about this shop a little more. I decided to pick this sellers brain and talk about her creams and soap and I told her about my skin and issues with it.

I have to tell you, the woman who owns this shop is an amazing woman. For a few reasons. A mother of five boys, which to me is outrageous! You know this is a good woman to raise a bunch of boys! And a mother who with all that going on, has the time to make things, God Bless her!

She does not just make the soap and creams, she knows what every oil, mineral, and organic ingredient is used for! I am so amazed with her knowledge! I have recommend if you are a person who uses soap when you shower, this is the person to go to and buy it from. She is currently concocting my own blend for me which will cure in about 2 weeks, and I am dying to give you all the scoop on my purchase,  which I can guess is going to better than the wonderful experience I had just speaking to her.

I am so impressed with the wealth of knowledge she offered me about my own skin and what I should and should not use on it! It is important to me that my skin is moisturized and it gave me a great amount of relief and confidence that she is making soap and creams and really knows why she uses the ingredients. And it is not just because they smell pretty!

You Go GIRL!

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  1. Maggie, you are too kind! Your namesake soap is already making a big impression, I had an order for two bars already, although it's not ready to ship for another week! hmmm, now I'm feeling like I should personally extensivelyh test it (beyond my usual wash test) so I don't dissapoint..I'm having my best girlfriend over this weekend for lattes, soap packaging, and maybe impromtu testing! Have a great weekend, and check out my piece on your patterns on my blog!


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