Friday, January 14, 2011

Handmade Tshirts and Intellegent Art YOU CAN WEAR

Too Often when I step into a retail store and I am looking for a gift for a child or even an adult and I notice there are T-shirts for all ages with such senseless garb printed on them. I certainly cannot see myself at 35 walking around wearing a mass produced T shirt with a riduculous saying like "it is all about me".. No mall sayings across my chest, please! Like a tshirt with the word JUICY across my chest for a mere $100.00!
It is not really who I am, I am not JUICY nor do I aspire to be and I am beyond the days of wearing a billboard across my chest saying, " I love getting ripped off at the mall!".

I have been really eyeballing some T-shirts for gifts, mainly for my loved ones... I just hit another wonderful Etsy shop! This one had to be aired out! I can sew almost anything I really want, but, tshirts to me are sort of a waiste. I like to buy them, especially with a design on them. I discovered another wonderful shop,Wait, I mean to say SHOPS.. This is another Etsy shop that offers products who say who I am, down to earth, organic and real! They also send the message that I would like to send with a little gift to the ones I love.  Handmade, with love and care.. I love that!
I found that these thoughtful artisans stock includes a little bit of something for everyone, right down to the beloved family dog!There is something for everyone at WrenWillow at Etsy where there is a cuter lighter side for of the life of the T Shirt! They have really intelligent designs in their other shop, T shirts, Pins and other thoughtful gifts in their other shop, ArtHistory101, where I was able to find an inexpensive thoughtful gift for a wonderful person in my life! FOR 3.00!
Not only did I get a small trinket for a loved one! I was given a little bit of an edumication! I mean an art history education! That EDUMICATION THING WAS A JOKE! ( i know I am the notorious one for the typos).. So, even if you are just stopping by for an art history lesson, or in the market for a wonderfully designed T-shirt, this is a place I deem worth your time, and must "stop by"!!

ArtHistory101's shop

They have wonderful work and it is shop where you can buy something for yourself, your friends, and even the dog, and it will run you anywhere from 3 to 30 dollars!

Great on the wallet and thoughtfully designed items! Hand dyed and screen printed t's! Let me stop raving, you have brains and eyes, go shopping and see this for yourself!  Keep up the good work guys!
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