Monday, February 28, 2011

That is my Grandmother! I miss her, and along side her is my recent - long NEEDED sewing project. It is simple, but in my
daily life, nothing seems to be! I chose it for the quick gratification, and my responsibilities turned this little dress into a long three day, maybe four day project.

I chose to put one of my grandmothers embroideries onto it... and make this fun ruffled frock made from left over seersucker into a fun dress with a very young feel! Ruffle, Eyelet trim, Rick Rack, and Berry Cuteness! It is barely in one piece, but a simple 70's dress I will probably wear as a comfy tunic.

So, I decided that a snipet would be more enjoyable. And you can enjoy the whimsy dress when I am done.

With that, I was looking at my Grandmother's photo and realized how much she inspired me, even from heaven. 

I am so tired I am going to turn in.


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