Monday, March 7, 2011

Around the House. In the Bath

Sewing, Painting, and doing what I Should do!

I have been at it, doing what I love, and messing with my home..The dresses I have planned took a back burner for the afternoon. I have been meaning to hit the upstairs bathroom for a while..

To decorate this room was a challenge because it has the most wonderful 1940's era tiles, but.. in the oddest shade of melon pink.  When I enter that room, I am stumped, thinking "what color goes in here?"..but for the longest time my mind went blank.

I am no longer in a hurry. I want my home to be filled with things that reflect the woman I am and where I am headed. I hunt for pieces that will be timeless and not just trendy space fillers. I have taken on the attitude that I will know something is just right when I find it.. And so far, things are coming along slowly, but I have found that I have had to purge a lot less, and fussing is at a minimal. 

Last weekend, on my treasure hunt, I came across something that was oddly irresistible, a vintage floral print in its original frame. Because the frame was missing its inlay, I got this find cheap! So, this is where my inspiration began...  Being a beach house it is easy to go in a few directions, Nautical, beachy, but being the whimsy lady I am.. I consider myself a true 'vintage sweetheart', I am attracted to almost all styles, eras, and things that seem beautiful and I mix them. I did commit to keeping the house on the rather minimalist side with a lot of pops of mid-century modern flavor.  It seems to be working, and I love the simplicity = especially when it is time to clean the place. I have purged my collection of nick knacks and have begun to search for larger more substantial pieces. No more time to mess with the small stuff, leaving the smaller details to my creations and sewing. In other words, I committed to a life more simple, and the only small stuff I want to sweat these days are little notions, trims, and pattern pieces!

So, far, I am doing well! You may find a small surprise here and there.  I am known to keep a small keepsake nestled in a plant.  Or reflecting on my earlier post, a small jewel pinned discreetly on a curtain- since I am unable to wear them like I would like, I discovered another way to enjoy them. "Nothing to move and dust", has become my motto!

The orange pink bathroom with the stand up shower VS my creative decorative skills. Where in the world could I find things that I like to go in this oddly colored room? Would I be able to achieve this without having to demolish the room and re-tile it? A task that I cannot afford. Either way, that was the greatest charm of my home, the old 1940's bathrooms and great wood floors. It was the whole reason why I needed to be here, to be inspired by my space! Encountering a design challenge over tiles I am so affectionate about is sort of a funny twist!

I started with the print, sat it on my porch all week and thought about it.  It hit me! My mother gave me these adorable little charms of the Eiffel Tower, and it is all starting to add up in my head! The print, and a small piece where I loosely darned a sketch of the Eiffel Tower onto fabric FOUR YEARS back just kept coming to mind.  I am going to go French Shabby Chic! Yeah that's it! I will make something up if all else fails, that is what I do best any way! So, that is what I am doing. Making a style of my own!

This morning, I took some plain old tab curtains that needed a hem to look okay with this window, and I took this idea I saw someplace, I think Etsy and used it. I took plain acrylic paint and mixed it with some medium, and I took a few simple sayings that relate to the bathroom and translated them on Google from English to French! Viola!

" Take a calming long shower and you will smell like a flower. Wash your hair and take time to care.." Eaxh of the curtains phrases end appropriately with Love Myself..  I free-handed these sayings onto the curtains, hit the edges with a blind stitch and I was in business. I have a very cute, stylish looking pair of curtains. Wait, I was not done! I took a spray bottle and took the rest of the paint I was working with, watered it down and put it into a spray bottle - and sprayed! When I was finished I topped it off with a nice little chant of  " Ewww La La".. All I needed was the black beret and I really would have appeared to have lost my mind for this simple but perfect fix!

I tried my hardest to get my match book shade up and had some problems with, that will wait until Joe comes home. Or the weekend.. He is going to be tired after working since 5 am!

I am not crazy about the distressed look I did on the frame with the sparkles, but the idea seemed rather cool in my head, this is a work in progress and needs some fine tuning. Overall, I think I like where this bathroom is going.  And with a few pieces of milk glass, Eiffel Tower Hand Towels that I plan to darn.. I think I may have a cute little theme that makes the room flow.

Then when this is all done, I will make my way over to the other bathroom - the tiny easy one, I will make some hand towels to go with the theme I started in there with a simple record I found online. It is actually a record from the late 50's that was cleverly printed onto card-stock - I guess you could play it... I decided that framing it was a much better idea! My husband likes it and all I had to do with that was dig into the Ephemera Supply and dig up a piece of sheet music, and that make shift matting idea worked great!

VintageCore Maggie!

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