Friday, March 11, 2011

White on White Spring Inspired

In regards to the previous post. I am posting these lovely items I am currently working on.
The first is a Poly Jiffy Dress. When working with a Large Patterned Fabric, I find that a larger print does best on a simple garment. I love this dress, and the simple pattern even more! I am omitting the Pockets because I am noticing the fabric does not drape and lay as nicely as it should. But overall, I love the pattern, and the dress will be a keeper for a quick easy casual mini to run to the market in a pair of strappy brown flats or ballet slippers and a brown belt! I also altered the neckline because I am not a big fan of large ruffles around my neck and face. Being a petite woman, I believe the smaller frills are more flattering.

The same goes for my lightweight cotton Pin Tucked Blouse, I am giving readers a peek at, the smaller the neck frills, the better for me. Nevertheless, I was inspired by a blouse that was big on ruffles, the keyword is inspired. I used the inspiration of the cotton pieces I saw, loved, and wanted for myself... and made them mine! That is what makes sewing and vintage sewing patterns so wonderful. I get to create a wardrobe that is as unique and one of a kind as I am! 

Simple Large Pattern Fabric -VS- Detailed Dress with Loud Patterned Fabric

Great dress, perhaps on my body I would say no to the pattern and yes to this style in a solid!

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