Saturday, April 9, 2011

Wheat Foccacia

When I announced that I was making changes this spring, I was very serious. I was not happy with the last year.  I thought I could have sewn more and maybe been more productive. So, I have been really 'cleaning house' and purging anything I see as negative in my life.

Diet is one of them. My body is a machine, I can only expect to get out of it what I am putting into it. With a husband with Crohn's disease, I have been more or less just eating what he should eat. But, he constantly eats whatever he wants anyway. So, I am eatting what is good for me, and apparently so is Joe! LOL! 

Last night, I made a Vegan Foccacia. I made the dough with Wheat Flour and a little bit of bleached flour. It is really nice to eat at night and get energy from food instead of wanting to lay down and digest. We have been eating soy and drinking soy and rice milk. Which works out so much better since Joe is not supposed to eat Dairy anyway.

So, in the interim, the entire household is following my lead and we are all getting healthy!

The dough rose perfectly this week. I purchased it from a large market. I usually do all of my shopping from the small local markets, but, I needed to go to the big supermarket for the yeast because I bought some last week and it was not rising well, which only makes me assume that it was not that fresh. Last night when I pulled the Foccacia out of the oven it was perfect. We were so enticed and hungry from the aroma, I forgot to take the photo of the finished product.

The crust had the perfect amount of light, fluffiness, and crustiness. The perfect Vegan Pizza!

Vegan Grated Cheese
Sun Dried Tomatoes
Wheat Four
Corn Meal
Ground Walnuts
Olive Oil

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