Sunday, August 21, 2011

A Lime Green Dress Handmade for The Queen of Lime Green.

 Such a process. No wonder why I hid from this and was so unsure for so long. I was using a machine that kept eating my projects... I liked my old Kenmore, but it no longer could do it and I no longer wanted to do "it" with it anymore...

I am not sure I like the whole fabric of the dress, and would really love it in a solid or darker color.. Hhmm did someone say hand dying? That would not be too bad, if I had experience with not ruining a cute but brightly colored dress.  It is summer, so I am going to run with it! Plus, I am a Jersey Girl.. What's Wrong wit' some cuhlah??

I finally am at a point where I do not have to lug Esther upstairs anymore.  Can you figure out why she is named Esther?   She's the buddy who is always willing to try on whatever I need her to try on.

I am working little by little on the studio space. My sewing area is coming together with the Pink Curtain along the shabby built in.. I made a removable Matching Ironing Cover for the Ironing Area. I am making matching fabric colored cork boards for the walls in the sewing area of the studio.  This will hopefully pull the room together so I can take some wider shots and really show you the space. It is amazing how matching fabrics, even with big flowers, it can tie a room together and give it some flow!

These Cork Boards will be a perfect way for me to visualize and sketch some projects, and plan.. With my fabric on shelves, I tend to get ideas and drop them.  I am actually have a place where I can visually  the next few projects for the early to mid fall season. I am getting it together little by little.

When it comes to this room, I am going to say it is a lot of work.. A room to work in needs to be worked in to really be put together and flow.  The way it is recently getting put together is focused work, and doing it efficiently. 

There are little things like some unruly Wires are just plain old unsightly no matter what way you look at it, in a photo or real life. It is a few small things that I am still sort of putting together so I am not showing you a picture of my cutting area and table with fabric on it....

As you can see I momentarily lost my mind with the burgandy trim.  There is a lot of this plummy toned color in the fabric - there just is not enough of it to bring it together.  All this and I think I want to leave it plain, with a touch of the bias trim.
 It is so nice to not have to lug the form up that form up that stair case to show you a dress! I am pretty happy with this space.  This is such a Huge milestone, since moving in here last summer - I never thought I would pull this together. Happy Days are here, and this fall and winter I am looking foward to lots of sewing  in hibernation! ( I just cannot put on weight like I did this year, It took all summer to loose that junk)

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