Wednesday, September 29, 2010

My Free Apron Pattern

Can't see it? Do not worry, click it, and another page shall open, now put your mouse over it and click once again, and viola you have it in full size.  Looking to print this one?  Click your print icon on your toolbar
or simply press CTRL + P at the same time. 
Two half aprons from a yard of fabric!

I love it when I come across something as adorable and unique as this little xerox copy of a one yard apron.  It is the small special finds like this that make me ambitious to look for more vintage finds so I can share them amongst friends!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

(S 18 B 36) Simplicity 3477; ca. early 1960s; Junior and Misses' Bra, Shorts, Blouse and Wrap-Around Skirt

(S 18 B 36) Simplicity 3477; ca. early 1960s; Junior and Misses' Bra, Shorts, Blouse and Wrap-Around Skirt

Just had to share this! It is just simply gorgeous! The illustration is fabulous! I want to be faboulous-- I live on the beach, and I hope I have this pattern next year! If not, I hope to have this one sewn up!

Autumn Is Time to Rebuild, Harvest & SEW!

I am not sure what I like more..
Spring  or Autumn....

Kitchen Door - Craftsman Meets Mid-Century -

 I can sit here saying a lot about this small piece of fabric I bought on auction.  I was really just impulsive and I won it, there is an identicle piece like it that was pieced to it that is just browns and oranges.  I can work it in because the tiles in the kitchen are that scheme, and there are pops of red.  And I use red as my pop color all through my home, I like the energy it brings.  I moved here and this is a fabulous home in New Jersey.  I love it, I love it more now since the summer is now over and all of the people from NYC are now home.  I am in Asbury, All art.  I am very happy getting out more now.  It is less chaotic. A little  more ours! It is cheaper!
Cheaper is nice!

Anyway, about my fabric, it worked out great, it turned out to be  just the cutest, and right down to the FISK's! Perfect Tab Curtains.  I am also.. Working on this fabulous.. Quilt and blouse, jacket, and did I mention coffee table all at the same time.  LONG STORY! ALL CONTROLLED!

I lined these.  

Monday, September 27, 2010

(14 - 34 ) Early 1960s - Marian Martin - 4622 Pleated Dress Mail Order Vintage Sewing Pattern

Betsy Ross Red / Blue and Gold Button Color Sceme : Optional! 
I feel that this one would be amazing if it was monotone, gold button-free and just celebrated for the amazing dress for the amazing dress that it is -
This Dress would look so much better in a monotone, "toned down" - Vintage Inspired Look! Modern Revival! Great Dresses, Ladies!

(14 - 34 ) Early 1960s - Marian Martin - 4622 Pleated Dress Mail Order Vintage Sewing Pattern Peggy's Inverted Pleat Dress On Mad Men, is simple to make, adorable, and form flattering.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

jersey-maxi-dresses-fall-dresses-2010-1.jpg is a Pattern Store with a mission and goal to sell patterns with a look and style that is modern and trendy yet at the same time, Vintage.  The goal is the compare the patterns we collect from the past and compare them to the up and coming trends of today.  And lets not forget the classics that will outlast us and all the tests of time!

Not all trends of the season are likable,  I have to to be very picky of all the latest trends and not just jump on the band wagon just because it looks vintage inspired! There is sometimes a reason why these styles lived quickly and dies hard the first time around.  This fall, the long maxi skirt and dress are the newest and Consider it your comfy-cool new uniform for fall. In fact, the season's long and lean jersey maxi dress packs everything we love into one simple piece. Inspired by old-school Norma Kamali and DKNY back in the '90s, fall's new jersey maxi dress is first and foremost comfortable, allowing stretch and snugness right where we need it.  These are a little different than the maxi dresses with the built in bras that we were donning a couple summers back.  Since this fall we have all the hot trends of that are all vintage inspired, think of all the pairing that you will be able to do with the new improved fall maxi! This fall's trendy maxi dress gives the illusion of being super tall and svelte (who doesn't love that?). And, perhaps most importantly, it can be switched up in a snap to go from easy weekend look to major after-dark attitude. Here, we've rounded up the styles we love, plus lots of ways to wear them. But really, with such a universally sleek piece like this, the styling options are pretty limitless.mitless.


Above, from left: Madewell Heathered Maxi Dress, $98, available at Madewell; ASOS Knit Jersey Maxi Dress, $67.40, available at ASOS; Acne Truth Racer-back Tank Dress, $200, available at Acne Studios.


Love the Sharp Shoulder Blazers this SEASON!!! Very 1980's!~ And the Bolero Jackets! In Denim! Very Very Cute!   Remember the episode of Runway, where they had to recycle all the jeans off the clothes lines?? Well, Here is a great look and a great way to get a use out of old jeans + an a simple unlined bolero jacket pattern!~ Put your own twist into to it and you will have a killer jacket for this fall to throw over your new handmade maxi.  Now, seriously !!! How comfortable does that look? Above all styling?

Above, from left: Splendid Cotton Racer-back Maxi Dress, $125, available at Net-A-Porter; Sparkle & Fade Knit Cutout Back Maxi Dress, $48, available at Urban Outfitters; Bassike Striped Cotton Jersey Maxi Dress, $330, available at Net-A-Porter.

Friday, September 17, 2010


Simplicity 8497 Day or Formal Evening Dresses w/ gathered above normal waistline - S 10 / Bust 32½

Compare the Emilio Pucci to the Simplicity 8497 Day or Formal Evening Dresses w/ gathered above normal waistline - S 10 / Bust 32½ mood and design is almost relative and could be constructed to have a similar feeling and inspiration.
Dresses are to me, EQUALLY TO DIE FOR!
I would kill for the Dress on the Envelope!
As an after thought! I just thought of a recent pattern I scoped out! The

Vogue 2422: Federico Forquet of Italy

Thursday, September 16, 2010

McCall 7904; ©1949; Ladies' and Misses' Pinafore or Dress BUST 30

McCall 7904; ©1949; Ladies' and Misses' Pinafore or Dress BUST 30

A wonderful dress if you are not in the colder regions of the United States, and looking to sew something exquisite to wear in 70 + degree weather.  Here in the Jersey Shore, I am so happy to say that all of the Vacationers are gone! And I have my beach and wonderful city to myself and the other people like me who like to call this place our own during the off season.

I am tickled to be the temporary owner of this wonderful pattern! The High Ruffles on the shoulder straps really say it all! "Va Va Voom.  Look Out Sailor, I will have the Next Dance, and with these ruffles I will do the Cha Cha All By MYSELF!!"

This is a design that has a little more than meets the eyes.  Shortened and with monotone colors you can really revive this pattern into a modern day smash.  However you take your coffee... I am sure that the flavor that this vintage pattern has will have winning results.  It is all a personal choice, but I cannot see this dress wrong or going wrong.  It is meant to be constructed into a real beauty and a show stopper.

It can really be toned down, or be true to the Cheesecake Persona who lives Strong within and stay true to the Era that the pattern was created and your version of the dress will look better than the illustrations and you will own the perfect handmade Rockabilly Dress.

The bodice is fitted ever so perfectly making the ruffles a perfect accessory to your face, neck and your decolletage that peeks through the subtle yet sexy square neckline! If the ruffles scare you and you are a pattern collector that just has to have the real sweet patterns that no one else has then this is the pattern for you.  BUT THERE IS STILL HOPE! 

Did you notice the dame in the dress (c) black and white check,  this may be the dress for you, if the ruffles scare you! And lets not forget, we can always shorten these ruffles. I have have had some vintage ruffle nightmares. I have to say that the best advice is to play with them and look at them because some vintage ruffle patterns tend to be a little big, over the top, perhaps I should say Big Top! So, be CAREFUL, when it comes to ruffles, always gauge them by your eye and make sure they are not too big for your face and neckline. 

Dress C still dons the sexiness without all of the fru-fruiness (as if it was a word!!).  The square neckline compliments the puffed sleeve perfectly making it a vintage dream! Shorten that hem.. as I assume we all find we need to do with vintage patterns, and you will have yourself a wonderful creation that was resurrected from a 1940's McCall World War II Era vintage sewing pattern!

A dress so unique and stunning, the story behind the dress will be just as amazing as the dress itself.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Monday, September 6, 2010

Details are impotant...

John Updike: “Perfectionism is the enemy of creation.”

I read that and it was the message I was looking to hear! I spend the larger half of this summer, Looking at fonts, Playing with Graphics on Photoshop to Build VintageCore, The Store... if you read my blog in late June, there was a huge struggle with my need for the right look verses just adding the content. I have millions of patterns, filed, waiting to be seen. Millions is a bit dramatic, it certainly seems as so since there is just boxes and boxes of them in number order and waiting to be looked at, photographed, perhaps pressed and then bagged to be listed. So, I am taking that one QUOTE to the bank from this day on. I do this with my dresses, my sewing projects, where they come to a halt and I am so wrapped in a small detail i loose focus of the BIG Picture, there is a garment waiting to be born and I need to by pass some details until the end, or let go and sometimes just allow these projects to naturally flow.

As a seamstress and artist, I am almost 101% sure that I am not the one and only person who has this struggle. I thought that the quote amongst the wonderful ones I find along the way in life, should be a useful reminder for like-minded seamstresses who tend to see the small details to the point where is can be to our own demise!

Just let the Sewing Machine Flow, and your ideas flow, have an open mind with your own work, and do not be so critical. There are people who would die for a drop of your talent!

Have a happy happy, Cheesecakes!


Friday, September 3, 2010

Louis Vuitton Collection Resort 2010

This is the collection I am inspired by! It is certainly fun and classy! And it has that certain amount of 'hippiness' that keeps me who I am...yet, however, clean a little on the prep side, clean an mod! Holy fashion flu, I got it! I have it all in this collection! I love it, however, I think the shoes, being a Jersey Girl... They can use a little bit more glam.

What I have been doing…

I do not mean to be a "Debbie Downer" however, I am going to be... A few weeks back I mentioned a rescue mission, well it turned out to be a practice one. I seemed to be a little comfortable but, reminded that I am small compared to the ocean. I do not want to use the word comfortable as I would never want to find myself or a loved on in a rescue situation. DSCN7984  I need to be constantly reminded that it is not mine and it can SWALLOW ME UP like a small golf ball, perhaps something even smaller. Since the day I filmed the drill, which was completely amazed me, and still does. I never want to be reminded with a real person as a role model.  It is sad. The has ocean has since been churning quite hard as it has become hurricane season, and there is one headed our way RIGHT NOW! I am sad to report however, that within that short length of time right in my two mile area, that has been two tragedies. It has only been 4 whole weeks. It was a real eye opener, and very depressing. First of all, I was a little upset that there were so many beach-goers while the bodies where still lost at sea.  I cannot personally sit on the beach because God knows if the family is out there -I would think they would wait and possibly hold a vigil. At least the first few days.
So, with no beach, what do I do? recover furniture and get sick! Yay!  It was my turn! I got run down and sick!! What else is a girl to do? I got a little more fatigued than the usual fatigue that a nap would fix up. Then like a rock hit me I got a massive toothache.Before I knew it I was at the oral surgeon having a wisdom tooth removed. PRIMAL SCREAM, OUCH! I was run down, taking care of others, little ones bringing home viruses from visiting Joe at the hospital, Joe coming home from the hospital, then finally me.... FUN! That was a nice fun, good dramatic finale to the summer. Talk about going out with a BANG! More like a YANK. However when that oral surgeon was done, felt like a bang! Who could tell, with the big gaping hole that I now have in my I have been keeping busy in my own little ways, DSCN8329 This is a crazy quilt I am working on.  I am using Chenille and I am using a thick brushed cotton,  It is very cool.  I love it.  It is the oddest mix.  DSCN8335 I darkened the base today! I did not like the brown.  This is a really old piano stool.  And a very very awesome fabric I was given as a house warming gift from my friend Maryanne. DSCN8340 DSCN8339 DSCN8338 Jersey Cafe Shore Cafe. Vintage 3 Leg Table, Repurposed with Light Robins Egg Blue and Light Bamboo Paint Faux Wood Treatment.  DSCN8343  DSCN8337
The Two Adorable Iron Chairs I stole at a Garage Sale for 30 bucks! I was running.  I had to replace the wood on one. 

I was uncovering this old piano stool, and I really thought that I could do it indoors. Ha ha ha! No way! It was stuffed with hay!!! It must have been about 100.00 years old. 
DSCN8334 DSCN8333 DSCN8332 DSCN8331DSCN8336DSCN8335
I darkened the base this morning.  I think it looks fabulous.  I will take photos, I have fabric on its way… I making curtains soon.. So, they will be in a shot or two…

Okay, enough said.


Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Vogue Guide to the Fall 2010 Ready-to-Wear Collections

The Vogue Guide to the Fall 2010 Ready-to-Wear Collections

Has anyone gotten a glimpse of the 2010 Vogue Guide to Ready Wear Collections from Runway Collections? I especially liked the Louis Vuitton