1930's Quiz For Husbands and Wives, How do you rate?

As a 1930s wife, I am
Very Poor (Failure)


I stink, I was a little dramatic with the answers, but yes I have been known to run around in a dirty apron, without my red lipstick, and my hair uncurled! I really got a kick out of this questionnaire and thought my vintage pattern lovers would really appreciate this fun little - I do not host a study group, I try to get my man to stay up and watch TV with me. His parents are dead, so writing to them would be weird.  I love it!  I suck! But I still do not soak my stockings in front of him. 

I was thinking about the 1930's woman, and really admiring the hard work, and standards they had to live up to.  I never thought about it the odd things they had to hide.  Could you imagine having to feel pressure to wash out your stockings, hang them press them and hide them in your drawer.  Seems like a whole lot of rushing around.  To hide your hand washables?  I like to look good, but I feel like I am all twisted up in a nightgown. I cannot imagine what pressure to have to look good to go to sleep.  I know there are many women who are like this today, I am really upset about this! This is all of the things I love! And it turns out - I would have probably been an Old-Maid in high heels! WOW, that is bad news!