Wednesday, June 30, 2010

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As You all know I procrastinate with certain patterns, because my life is a bit on the busy side right now.  I had this one type of pattern and it sells out every time it comes in. Yes you guessed, the "Three Arm Hole: Looking for my my own I noticed it actually also has three names - Like it has three arm holes, 1) wrap arounder, 2) three armhole dress & 3) wrap-arounder dress. Now that I have scoped the dress out made and constructed, it is worth finding and making the pattern.  which is practically impossible. I am exhausted myself, I have done myself in McCall's 9181, McCall's 9109, Simplicity 8080, Simplicity 7484, Butterick 4699, Simplicity 7572 and it seems there is no more on the face of the Earth - at least this week. JEEZE! The dress by GreenTrunkClothing Shop on Etsy is just Darling. Is the FIND. 

I have always love it in the illustrations, and the thought of the simplicity of the of the construction seemed even better. I mentioned them in the past - I never saw one made and I was going to make them! I found one made - but the minute I did, boom the patterns sold, yes I said patterns (2)!
So, I was not going to chance it again another so called "easy" Pattern that is going to look so fabulous.. THIS

There are better things that a busy fashion conscience woman could do with her time 

  i love this pattern.  I am praying that another one comes my way soon if not, my deadline is for August 1 for my Special Aug. Celebration.    

Blog about making things, right??

Since this is a blog about making things lets keep it in that spirit! I do make things, and never ever take photos of the thing I make. Mmm... Lets assess (nice word!) problem... (while I put my beautiful long brown Hair That Is Breck Shampoo Ad Worthy Into a Bun)

I am by far not lazy! I think I am just taking these small things for granted! I am also a bit critical. I am going to try my best to show off the smallest detail. I noticed that by my stores banner since I changed about 50 times that I am about crazy with the smallest detail, the ones that probably are not that important to the normal person! So, I am letting go ! Or the the stupid banners and I am getting into the bigger picture or I am struggling to get there and I am going to get there! It is mine to have !

I made this little card today along with a hundred banners with my store, along with a million loads of laundry by about 9 AM! And I it is 5 now.  I thought it was cute to add the touch of the added touch of grosgrain ribbon I had leftover from long ago, I ruffled it, I could have left out the button stitch at the end . BUT WHAT IS DONE IS DONE.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I feel like an old lady.

I really feel like an old lady! I am like so over it. First of all, is it the programs I am choosing to work with?  I really looked into word press. I even spent money on it. Do you want to know what my problem is? Not wanting to either spend more. Or really I want to be TOO DIFFERENT. I need to really focus on the content. I get lost inside. I forget to go outside I get seriously upset over it, I do not like staying inside for very long. I did that this winter, and I did not like it.

What am I rambling about? I am making this store.  I am really getting caught up in the background. The look. I am really focusing on the look.  I am not sure if that is where I should be focusing my energy right now.

Let me fill you in on a little history. I was really outdated in the laptop dept. for a long time! My Insperion Screen Cracked Last Year and it was ALL DOWN HILL FROM THERE! I have a pretty Serious older model upgraded AMD Desk model that has all of my 8.0 and Flash, Dreamweaver, and couple other toys I have on it. So, it is loaded up, and a lot of work to keep granny moving. NOT a good computer to communicate and work on. It has painstakingly done, and do not look forward to ever doing it again. 

So, what is this about?  I want to spend my time managing what I am doing just a little bit better, being a bit more effective - I also want to make my blog little more like my stores.  I am rambling tired. LOL However, I think it more about what goes into the blogs rather than how it is decorated. Perhaps I should be saying, it is a process of getting the content in here then designing the blog around that.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Don't Borrow Your Brother's or Husband's Shirts - Just Starch and Iron them Like a Good little housewife

Attention Ladies! This is a vintage lesson in dress, in how to take a pretty photo, and etiquette! So step right up. You may ask, "why is this woman a specialist in these areas?", I can give you many instances where I have been in situations where I have been the grimace in the photo with the silly smile, or I have had to have my cheeks pinched because I was going to allow my tissue white cheeks to be photographed without any rouge. It was the Faux paux that brought me to be a professional in how to be a proper woman before the camera, and to look your best no matter where you are. It is best to look your finest no matter where you are. It is not very becoming to be an old maid in your apron un-wed at 26 living in your mother's without and education, my darling. It is good practice to have fine photographs of yourself and your friends, with shiny white teeth and rosy cheek and flawless healthy locks of hair upon your head.

Here are some additional tips I recently found:

{Disclaimer: I am a joker, however, I am making light on the past - yet at the same time, nice hair healthy hair and teeth are great for EVERYONE - it is empowering to look our best at any age!}

 If Bras were constructed like this today, I really could not imagine that I would ever be in a good mood - EVER! THIS LOOKS VERY CONSTRICTED AND UNCOMFORTABLE - OUTRIGHT OUCH!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

1952 Couture

Bustiest? Nice selling point to a flat gal like me!  To bad I was not alive in 1952, wait, they have surgical implants these days! YAY I can be real busty if I am into pain!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Note the pleated skirts!

DSCN1176 DSCN1173 DSCN1174 DSCN1175

Throw Back

THIS IS NEW JERSEY, Newark to be exact – LOVE THE ANHEISER BUCSH Plant and all of the smoke stacks, Yummy!(That's Good Old Industrial New Jersey, Ick!)  – get me to CALI!!!!DSCN1093 
I have been meaning to do this for so long.  However, typical of all things in my life I have a hoop or some sort of obstacle I need to jump through in order to accomplish what I want.  What am I blabbering about?  Sharing my trip to San Francisco.  Traveling to California from New Jersey about a week and a half after Christmas can be exciting,  especially in the midst of some of our hardest snow storms in recent years. Going from having your car plowed into its space and having to pay some man on a bike with a shovel to dig you out….to one of the cleanest metropolis’ in the U.S. filled with foliage, succulents, extremely laid back friendly people is a quite an experience.  It was a rare sight being a Jersey / New York Native to see a combination of Ice Skating and Palm Trees in one place,  it is something I will never forget.  DSCN1379
DSCN1119 DSCN1123
( a place in San Fran, Named “the Bronx Zoo!”, Could this be an Urban Oasis my home away from home, perhaps, I never checked it out, just explored from afar!)

San Francisco was clean city in comparison to New York. California was fresh and clean and beautiful. Far advanced in the environmental department.  It was apparent it was just beautiful and untainted.  Although, I cannot say that the entire East Coast is Dirty,  I just enjoyed the contrast that this East Cost City has to offer.    It was a nice contrast to wake up overlooking this great city that had so much New York Flavor, yet when rush hour approached it was calm un-congested and the traffic flowed so easily.  No yelling, beeping horns. It was a great city with that in mind! I could not complain about a thing.  Yes, there are homeless people there, I keep hearing that when I share my vacation with other people who also went to Cali.  Without sounding cold, I did not see anymore homelessness than I would see walking through the Port Authority on 42nd Street.  42nd Street today is an area that would make you feel like you traveled in a time machine- Not the old 42nd Street that  you used to know.  There are no more peepshows, (damn, LOL!) and the people outside of the establishments to get you in there.  Now it is like a New York Disney Land, filled with High Priced Shows and A lot of Broadway Style. MUCH NEEDED!
Without sounding cold, the homelessness situation is just like New York.  I just did not see the homeless getting as creative as your homeless New Yorker, who has no shame in hustling and jumping out in front of traffic exiting a huge bridge  to wash your windshield with a dirty squeegee.  The people I gave my money to, where people down on their luck just out right asking for it.  A man who was on parole, walking around with a notebook, newspaper, wearing a used 1980s style suit looking for a second chance in his life. It is a very sad state of affairs to have Homeless People in the shadows of some of the largest retail stores… and do not feel like they can get a job and start a life for themselves.
It reminded me that I was lucky at that moment.  Although IN MY OWN LIFE, I earned this trip.   My family and I worked super hard to make a life for ourselves.  I consider myself a perfect example of things can turn around if you try.  I am just lucky enough to have a few key people who care about me and keep me moving forward.  But, I needed this trip and I needed to find the beauty in this place beyond the homeless situation.  Hopefully, one day this will not be a reality in this country and we can all live decent happy lives.
DSCN1129 DSCN1128
The graffiti was breathtaking.  In this city filled with color, character and plenty of art, there is never a dull moment!
It is wall to wall beauty! Not to mention, you have not had seafood until you have had in – season freshly caught shellfish! Lobster, clams, shrimp – it tastes sweet and buttery without even using butter! TAKE THAT MAINE! It did not taste like the ocean! It was an amazing taste that my pallet with always remember!
DSCN1468 DSCN1127 DSCN1387

This place has everything!! Countryside at your disposal, then the city and high life, artsy fartsy which I am all about! But, You have to see it all to really get the whole San Francisco
Experience.  Most of my trip was spent happily exploring the streets, neighborhoods, and feeling! It is not an easy city to get lost in, it is laid out nicely so with a map, you can really find your way around. 
This is a display from Tiffany’s which was all hand cut cardstock, it was breathtaking! Forget the Jewels, Look at that paper!

San Francisco, Jan 2010

Thursday, June 17, 2010

What is with the butterfly?

Sorry about the whole butterfly thing! That was really neat.  I live in a brick Row Home, that is actually that is connected to these buildings and facing a lake, but I am right near the beach.  It is a quite beautiful spot! As a matter of fact, clean, beautiful, inspiring. I looked at the butterfly on accident, walking out to the back porch, somehow.. it managed to be in the area of the screen door and main door (the threshold).  It was like a little sign, I know it sounds odd, but I have had then show up at the oddest times.  It was at a moment when I was just not feeling like
I was not accomplishing all of the things I had planned as far as goals.  I found myself feeling like I take on too much and I am not accomplishing the things I want, then..

hen the next morning I wound up really feeling like mother nature..Look who came to visit! And they brought company, Literally - Cousins Nieces and Nephews. This is a Sunday morning at my house. I literally gave them every carb I had in my pantry! I love them THE UGLY DUCKINGS! I know they are Canadian Geese, some how my childhood name DUCKS is just embedded into my soul. 

I leave you with this, till tomorrow.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Balance in life? Is it obtainable.

As you all know, I am probably a lot like the people who read my blog.  I have a family, which is a job in itself.  I am also an accountant, cleaning lady, chef extraordinaire, confidant, bank, delivery service and so much more. Then I moonlight as a person who is passionate about my patterns, and I love to sew! It is a good life! I love it, even the chaos at times!

My shared passion for sewing, combined with my knowledge of vintage patterns and dressmaking has made this a career, job, developed into an LLC. I cannot go through a day without reflecting on the what an amazing

" is my opportunity  to have a web presence that reflects my personality, while also having the freedom to have all of the patterns available online with less restrictions as a family run business."

I have been blessed with a wonderful base of clients! I am sometimes overwhelmed and I cannot dedicate the time I would love to my blog.  I think if I did - It would give me the time I need to reflect.  I need that. I am not going to just sit here and show you the products that I sell to build my links - there is so much more to me and more than that why I love the patterns I sell! This is my life, my passion, and live and breath it.

This week consisted in overhauling, changing and taking on my new venture.  Which is tricky.  I want my own store. I want my name that I worked so hard to have to go to another level. But, I have to do this without a conflict of interest on Etsy.  I was very unsure about how I would be able to make the move without the stress of burning bridge that gave me the esteem and motivation to believe in VINTAGECOREPATTERNS. I can tell the customers about my store, as long I am offering the same patterns - I am going to have to choose what I sell there and what the theme will be.

I want to offer a little more of a personal experience in my store. I have done this by offering a toll free customer service hot line, which is a little more visible and available.  BETTER THAN THAT! I have enabled an online chat that you can just click for live help.  NEAT HUH! I am really into making my own store where I can make my own rules as my own woman and really be my brand.

So, what is the brand?
It is going to be a little more upscale! I want to really take this to another level! I want to offer a great variety and at the same time, I want to be a special store. I am also hoping that the ease of listing a little faster will allot the time I need to make for the much much needed balance I thrive to obtain in my life.

I love ETSY! The opportunity it gave me is unbelievable when I think back.  As a mother, woman, and above all a creative person, (perhaps, an artist) this venture has given me independence and gave me the meaning and purpose I needed.  Something I did not feel I had for a while.  I feel that it is time to make my move since  I have grown into a legitimate business. I am an now the owner of an LLC. I have my own merchant account and I want to be able to use these tools as an online retailer.  I invested a great deal of what I had to make this a business, because I want to be happy and be involved in something I am passionate about.

I just have to make the move without making people mad! LOL! I love ETSY! I am not going to jeopardize my store and relationship with them or any of the wonderful member's I am NOW SO BLESSED TO BE friendly with. This can be a make or break decision, however, I love and believe the work I am doing so, I am taking the leap and I pray my customers and friends will come with me on this amazing journey and give me all of the blessings I need.

Getting here has been a long, tough and at the same time amazing journey! I thank God every second it has taken place in my life.  I have been through so much to get here, and lost so much, I never thought at any point that I would be here and gained so much back.  Somehow, I persevered. I am lucky! I am alive and I have this amazing passion and talent! I am finally here in a space to put it to use.. I will not be stopped.

I had many obstacles that many women in my position have to overcome when taking on a small venture.  Especially something that involves a creative passion.  It was looked at like a hobby.  I know you girls, and GUYS who are creative and feel that you have a unique creative passion you want to sell and share.. Having support and blessings from those around you counts! I somehow did it and found my own circle of people who gave me the love and support I needed. The uncreative people or people who are not tapped into that part of themselves just see things in a rigid fashion. That cannot be taken personal, many people are afraid to take their talents to that level.  Many people are discouraged from pursuing their creative talents..It is a lot of that old school hard work, reliable industry.. Fashion is reliable, the last I checked, the nudists are certainly out numbered by the 'clothed'. It was hard, I was laughed at, I was not supported, I wanted to give up many times.
I never would have ever believed in myself if I was not a part of Etsy,  it put me in contact with the people I had the common love and bond for sewing, creating, and vintage love.  Without you guys, I would never had believed in myself.

To be here I had to spend many nights where I sacrificed my sleep to list my items!  I literally pulled double shifts to work around my life and pursue this dream! I worked my butt off, even with that, I still found it a little hard to convince the people I love. At the time it hurt.

Now, I am the big talk! LOL! They are starting to get it. I appreciate that, I am glad they are on board.   But, back in September, October, November... I am learning that it sometimes

So, the journey to become VintageCorePatterns, Is also a spiritual journey for me! I had to really overcome the need to be accepted by my loved ones, and just believe in my idea, and I had to go after my dream to  become my vision. My vision is a journey of growth.  I have had many losses and life changes that took place that made me to decide to make the time to heal through my arts, sewing, and talent to create. It was the out come that really in turn proved that I was right, I am finally doing the thing I love. My Esty Shop Experience has given me the ability to grow and be motivated.