Friday, September 2, 2011

Hurricane's have a way of turning our lives upside down.

My Hurricane Irene Experience.
 I have been living right on the water for a little over 4 years. My neighbors across the street is a lake, and we sit a street west of the ocean.  Asbury Park was once a popular family summer resort  and it has a very rich history.  I live here all round, however Deal Lake and Asbury Park are two great places to visit in the summer. It is a fun place to be all year round if you ask me. New Jersey is a small state, and I have lived in its most populated areas and least.. Asbury Park seemed perfect for me. In a nutshell, this place is on the rise. It was once beat down, but with love and hard work it is being rebuilt, and perhaps reinvented into a wonderful city with character and flavor.  I am proud to live in this city. I relate to its character.

Well, like I said, we have lived here for 4 years and I loved it. Two weeks ago, I was so excited, I was getting my sewing room together and  noticed some water coming down the wall. We noticed that there was all this water coming from the gutter and was basically squirting all of the water from the room right into the window well right over my sewing machine. YAY! Well, Joe and I went out and quickly fixed the problem in order to stop the immediate problem..Wait, I forgot, there was another leak that was on the back porch roof, and that was like having rain indoors. In the meantime, it stopped raining we get this HUGE hurricane scare. Which is a whole other story.

With all of that in mind, I have to evacuate. The repairs were being done the same day I had to leave with my family.. So, the entire time, I am thinking, these repairs will never hold up! My whole house is going to flood... So, I proceed to pack every single pattern I own into waterproof bins. And since I was thinking at that point my home is going to look like something I saw on TV from Hurricane Katrina, I made a sad attempt to save more of our valuables by placing them in the highest points of my house.. in the bathtub! LOL.

The media scared the heck out of me. They were using words like catastrophic, (lol) hurricane, rain (lol), and lifetime event.  By the time my neighborhood was evacuated, I had my entire family and every pattern I own in the next state.

To my surprise the repairs lasted and will hopefully hold up long term. I was so lucky to get home to a very dry home with no electric. The electric being off was nothing.  It just did not seem to bother me.  I was sort of happy to have an excuse to not have to fully reorganize the house we tore through when we evacuated. The lake was overflowing when we arrived. There was also a huge rainbow along the horizon.  My neighbors across the lake were not so lucky, as the other side of the lake was flooded. But on a brighter side, those are just summer homes and they are not occupied all year.

As you may know, I was starting to downgrade my patterns anyway..  I decided to really get rid of them, and change my entire format of my store.  So, stay tuned. Hopefully, selling these patterns will get the fabric I so desperately need... and my goal is to have more focus on the creative aspect of sewing.

In the meantime, I would like to share the recent week with you with my photos! I also had time without TV to arrange my living-room. I love it.
September 2, 2011