Friday, August 31, 2012

Moving on Sale,

It took me a while to figure out how to post on my blog. It has been about a year. I took off for a while to get some time to myself, balance and focus on my craft (crafts).

This winter, I made a ton of dresses, and other great little functional items, that I barely shared with the world. I really enjoyed wearing them though. I started another blog, I really did not focus on that blog wither. I love the creating part, but I do not always have the time and energy to talk about it, make it sound interesting, and take photos as I do it.

It is simply time for me to try new things. I need to bloom in my art and sewing, and I need to make space in my house for my supplies, so I am parting with my entire stock of patterns. Buy more patterns, save more money.

So, here is my plan, I am basically selling them as cheap as I possibly can until I have enough product to open my handmade store. I am also hoping to buy more fabrics and supplies for my creations.  I hope you enjoy the patterns I am offering.

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